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The best coaching results come from combining the best coaching software with a professional health coach.


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💻 A Coaching Platform designed for health coaches. Create personalized lifestyle change plans and set goals for your clients.

📱 The Habinator client mobile app provides support between meetings.

🧠 To achieve the best coaching results, the final essential component is you: The human coach.


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Remote coaching platform dashboard
Dashboard: Quickly see your weekly plan and how your clients are doing.



"Best coaching tool I've tested."


      Lets Talk How To Start Offering Remote Coaching 



      Coaching software for habit creation
      Create your core program that you can customize per client.


      What is the Habinator Remote Coaching Platform?

      The Habinator Coaching Platform is a digital remote coaching platform designed for health coaches to deliver measurable results. Built on the principles of lifestyle medicine and the best practices of behavioral science, the platform enables health coaching in a cost-effective and proven way.

      The platform allows coaches to create individualized programs tailored to each client's (employee's) needs. Client motivation can be further boosted through group coaching. Communication and supervision are facilitated via a mobile app, giving clients the sense that they have the constant support of their health coach. With real-time analytics, coaches only need to intervene when necessary.

      Health coaching has been proven to deliver measurable results. Using the Habinator Remote Coaching Platform, coaching services can be offered on a large scale.

      Why choose the Habinator?

      Let's face it: the majority of wellness apps and digital products fall short. But why?

      1. They adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, without personalization. Health coaching and achieving goals is always individualized.
      2. They lack the essential element of human oversight — a role best fulfilled by a health coach — to guide and ensure commitment. This is due to a fundamental psychological reason: individuals require such oversight to maintain accountability.

      Habinator offers a solution that merges the best of both realms:

      1. A robust software tailored for health coaches paired with an intuitive, inspiring mobile app for clients.
      2. With our platform, coaches can craft personalized plans efficiently and motivate clients to stay committed to their goals.
      3. Habinator is designed by health coaches, specifically for health coaches.


      The Habinator Remote Coaching Platform is tried and tested, delivering results for employees whether they're in the office or working from a home on another continent.


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      Improve as a Coach

      Benefits for coaches

      • Manage clients - Keep your clients and their information organized in one place.
      • Create your professional reusable coaching plan - Leverage ~300 Goal templates with references to scientific papers. Add your own knowledge (text, video, etc.). Personalize.
      • Save up to 70% of your time - Once you have core templates in your goal library, starting with a new client becomes easy and fast. Creating plans for hundreds of clients or employees becomes effortless.
      • Real-time facts and stats - Monitor actions, issues, and reports about the client actions. Get deep analysis of the clients behaviour.
      • Know your client - Better understanding, better coaching. Get a big picture of your clients habits and daily actions.
      • Resource planning - Schedule meetings and keep client notes.
      • Remote coaching - Hold video meetings with your clients and chat between meetings.
      • Status messages - Take action only when needed.
      • Better engagement - Clients feel more connected through the app. When the coaching program is over you can leave on-going goals to be pursued independently. Maybe the client needs some personal coaching again later...
      • Learn along - Each Goal template has Reasons and Rewards that have facts with scientific article references to motivate your client. Learn more through our growing research section.
      • Motivate the client - Share and visualize facts about their progress. Clients have the feeling someone is observing (social pressure, accountability) because the coach can see their real-time progress.
      • Client overview - Quickly get an overview how your clients are doing.
      • Coach internationally - Coach remotely wherever you are. Full language support for 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇫🇮


      "It takes ten minutes to start coaching with the support from the Habinator app."


      Remote coaching software for health coach
      Create a coaching program using Goal templates and add your expertise.



      Benefits for your clients

      • The plan is in the app - Forget paper and email. The Goals, Tasks and Meters are always with the client available in the Habinator app.
      • Premium features - The client gets Premium features automatically from the app that was specifically developed to support behavioral change.
      • Easy progress tracking - Client tracks daily activities in the app. The coach receives the data.
      • Easily adjustable - Change is tries and errors. It takes seconds to optimize a Goal, set a new reminder, or add a new Task.
      • Motivation & Support - The app motivates, reminds about the Goals, and implements many evidence-based strategies for habit formation. 
      • Stay connected - Motivate and be there in secure chat between (face-to-face or remote) meetings.

      Habinator coaching platform is being developed together with coaching professionals.

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      Remote coaching software for health coaches
      Meters: Client tracks their progress.



      Scale your business

      • Create once, use always - Make reusable library of Goals to assign to your clients. Create your plan as Goals and Tasks. Use your program always with the possibility to fine-tune it to individual clients.
      • Get organized - Manage your clients and communicate from one single application.
      • Work more efficient - Organize and get an instant overview about your clients.
      • Digital office - All data always available. Client data collected real time.


      "So its' a practice management and coaching tool in one package."


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      Administer Clients
      Administer your clients and see how they are doing.



      Our pricing is straightforward without hidden costs.


      The usage of the coaching software is determined by the number of clients you serve on the platform.

      • Free for your initial five (5) clients. (1-5 clients)
      • After that, $9.90 per client per month (5-99 clients). Billed annually.
      • Need 100+ client seats? Contact Us.


      For businesses and organizations looking to equip their health coaches with our platform, we invite you to explore partnership opportunities: Contact and partner with us.

      To apply for access, please Register as Coach. NOTE: We offer coaching software intended only for certified professional coaches.


      "The best results and efficiency in coaching comes from the combination of coaching software and a professional coach."


      4 minute introductory video


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      Become an expert in minutes

      Habinator is an all-in-one platform for professional coaches and therapists specializing in digital health coaching.


      1. Create a reusable library of Goals using the ~300 Goal templates, and enhance them with your expertise, using texts, images, and videos.
      2. Invite your clients to the platform using their email addresses.
      3. Begin prescribing Goals and Tasks to your client.
      4. Communicate and motivate trough chat or video.
      5. Supervise progress.


      Why Digital Coaching Platform?


      🤖 Apps don't work

      Let's be honest - an app can only guide and motivate just so much. There are many reasons why this is the case, but one of the biggest one is that one program does not fit for all.
      The Habinator Coaching Platform was built and designed for professional health coaches. It provides all the tools for the coach to efficiently create personalized plans for their clients. The mobile app supports the process of implementing the plan and building healthy habits.


      👩‍💻 Build with philosophy "Create once, use always"

      You or your company can create base templates for a coaching plan. In your library the health coach will have Goals and Tasks that creates a core-program. Every client is different so the Goals can be adjusted before prescribing to a client.


      🌱Let's improve & Grow together

      Staying organized, motivating clients, and managing time is hard. Our goal is to give you the best coaching tool so you can be the best coach possible.

      We are building together with health coaches.

      Contact us, we are here to help! 😊


      🧠📲 Best results

      Digital software can only do so much - it's just a tool. But when used as an aid by a professional coach, it is proven to deliver the best results.


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      Create personalized plans in minutes.



      Coaching platform coach-client communication
      Client - Coach communication between meetings.



      Groups and Group Coaching

      Creating private groups is an easy way to share information, answer questions and create challenges. Groups are a great way to build motivation, stay accountable and keep in touch after a workshop or a video conference call. Each client always has their own plan of Goals and Tasks, and can belong to multiple groups. If you coach in a company, you can add company employees to the same group.



      Group coaching
      Coach groups with personalized plans.


      Who uses the coaching platform?

      • Businesses that employ one or more health coaches.
      • Larger companies that provide health or high-performance coaching to their employees.

      The majority of users are professional health advisors, including functional medicine practitioners, life coaches, athletic coaches, and wellness and health coaches. These professionals utilize the software to collaboratively craft change plans with their patients.

      Performance coaches, personal trainers, and nutritionists also benefit from the platform. They may create their own programs, offering them to clients with varying degrees of personalization based on individual needs.

      The primary objective of the platform is to provide coaches with comprehensive tools, assisting them in guiding their clients on their journey to a healthier lifestyle and/or motivating them to utilize other corporate services.


      Many companies have already transferred into the modern age and are enjoying the benefits of the digital coaching platform.


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      The Coaching Platform login is found in the cloud at

      Remember to bookmark the URL as your favorite! ?

      Currently English, German, and Finnish.

      If you need an additional language support, please contact us.

      The Coaching Platform runs in any modern browser (Firefox, Safari, Edge, Chromium, Brave, etc.)

      There is nothing you need to install additionally. You can login hier immediately if you have an account.

      Your client needs to install the Habinator mobile app from the Google Play (Android) or Apple Store (iOS).

      1. It's the only solution that allows you or your company to create a base plan from Goal Templates and then personalize the Goals for each individual client. You will save time a and you can improve you plan as learn more.
      2. You get the benefits of digital coaching with the support of the client's mobile app. Manage and communicate with your customers from one software. Your client will always have their plan with them and be a reminder of their Goals.
      3. Earn from every client. We charge per client app install - You charge what you want.




      We understand that using a mobile app is not for everyone. If your client will do better without the app, don't use it. But we are 100% sure that our coaching software will make your work more easy, and using the app has been shown to increase commitment, habit development, and motivation.

      If you have created a coaching profile and acquired more clients you still don't have to use the coaching platform. The choice is yours.

      When you remove a client, basically three things happen:

      1. The client is not counted as your client anymore, so you won't be charged (the client is not in your monthly quota).

      2. You won't see their data anymore.

      3. The client loses their Premium status in the app.

      Otherwise, the client can continue to use the app as is.

      You can always choose to add them back the client as your client using the same email.

      All servers and data are stored in EU, Germany.

      All traffic between your browser, the coaching platform, and the client app is end-to-end encrypted.

      You can read here more about our privacy policies.

      If you have a feature request or you found an bug, see our page about coming features and known bugs.

      If you didn't find your issue in the list, please contact us.