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A great tool for accompanying clients. The habit tracking and the tasks are very easy to use. The chat function is ideal for the exchange between consultants and clients.

Yvonne Bünte (DE)


By far the best habit app. It helps you to figure out a path to get your habit into motion. They did a good job, really thought through it!

London Wolfe (US)


A really great app. If you want to change something and need inspiration and support, there is no way around this app!

Marco Arold (de)


I've enjoyed using Habinator, the task help guide you through your self discovery and reflection, the app is easy to use and navigate and if you choose to have one on one session the coaching is superband meets you where you are in life and guide you to become experts on yourself.

Christopher Boyd (US)


The app helped me navigate towards better health behaviors and strengthened my discipline. I recommend!

Jukka Paakkanen (FI)


Great helper in lifestyle change

Very nice outlook and easy to use. Great that you can motivate other and get some motivation if you need some.

Leila Sara (fi)


I was happily surprised how pleasant this app looks and feels. It helps me to remember take steps towards my goals and improved version of myself. ?

Z Ooe (US)


Great App, it works!

A Google User (fi)


Best app what I have found for change

Free to use and gets the job done. I like the reminders and advices. If you think about changing something in your life this App is the one.

John D Muller (de)


Really Nice App with good models and ideas of changing a habit!

Anne Holl (de)


The best self-improvement App that I have ever used!

Kalle-Veikko Koivisto (fi)


Great App

Simply good build and easy to understand. Very recommentable!!

MrMusiklover (de)


Very pretty!

Nice design and still kept simple and also understandable. Great!!

sutermorgenstern (de)