Coming Soon and known bugs

Development of the Coaching Platform is done together with registered coaches to create the best possible remote coaching software. We try to be as transparent and open as possible about the status of the development.

If you notice a bug or you have a improvement request that is not listed below, please let us know.

Sometimes there is a workaround to a bug and it's described after =>





  • Goal trending element (pie chart) has no functionality, the data is random.



  • Sending a message to a Forum with a lot of participants freezes the page. => Click another tab and come back.
  • Video calls.



  • Creating Meters to client. => Client needs to set a Meter from their Habinator app.
  • Search from Goal Templates for the coach. Now only available in the app.
  • Deleting a client don't immediately refresh the UI. => Click another tab.



  • Deleting a client. => Send us mail to remove a client.



  • A coach can't change their password.


Client  = Your coachee, a user of the Habinator app.

Coach = You, the user of the Coaching Platform at