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The mediterranean diet is full of light healthy natural and delicious foods, and has plenty of health benefits. A mediterranean diet is associated with a significant reduction in overall mortality risk from all causes [57]. A mediterranean diet significant reduces the risk of developing alzheimer's disease and parkinson's disease [57]. It also helps prevent chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease and cancer [57]. Give your body a healthy and delicious natural diet, eat a mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean Diet Goal

How to eat healthy?

Habinator is a digital health coaching app that teaches how to get started with Mediterranean Diet. There are plenty of ways how to eat healthy and you need to find the way that suits you and your family. The app will support you developing long-lasting healthy diet and eating habits.

Let's get started!

The first thing is to install the Habinator habit tracker. Secondly find the goal: Mediterranean Diet.

Healthy dietary habits can be build and that is what dietitians teach to their clients. Reaching goals is about daily choices and routines -- the daily habits.

Most of us know how to eat heathy, so why we don't just do it? (If you lack the knowledge and want to learn how to eat healthy the app will teach you.)

Healthier lifestyle habits take time and effort to develop, but the good news is that you don't need to be perfect. Small changes make a huge difference in the long term. Lifestyle medicine is all about curing chronic diseases using behavior change to reach optimal wellness. It's all about habits, these little deeds we repeat daily.

Motivation is an important factor to follow through with the change. Mediterranean Diet has many scientifically proven benefits and a few of them you can see below.

Reasons to eat healthy

The proof about the benefits of healthy eating habits is growing. Here are some results when following Mediterranean Diet.
  • I eat healthy and tasty foods and still stay fit

  • I can reduce my medication which have serious side effects

  • I reduce my body fat

  • I help to save fresh water and increase the food production all over the world by shifting to a more plant-based diet [s84]

Steps to eat healthier

The health app gives you a plan to get started easily with Mediterranean Diet. The habit of eating healthy has basic rules, which do not depend on a diet. The app coaches the most important ways for healthy eating and additionally specific advice for Mediterranean Diet.

The steps are called "Tasks". You can call them milestones, mini habits, micro habits, habits, tasks, exercises, or just ideas). They are suggestions to give you the knowledge and steps to get started reaching your goal.

Changing eating habits is not an easy job and you need to find out what you need to do for long-lasting behavioral change.

When you begin to follow the plan you will develop these mini-habits that get you daily closer to your final goal: Mediterranean Diet lifestyle. You need to take responsibility and commit to change. Habinator habit tracker is just a mobile app that gives you facts and suggestions to form healthy eating patterns. You are the person who needs to make it a reality.

Are ready to do the work?

Tasks to learn and execute

  1. Go smart-shopping
  2. Plan meal times
  3. Stay hydrated
  4. Eliminate unhealthy foods
  5. Give the body time to adapt
  6. Add healthy fats
  7. Find my favorite foods
  8. Eat regularly
  9. Learn to forgive myself
  10. Eat enough protein
  11. Cook at home
  12. Remember my reasons
  13. Don't get too hungry
  14. Update my Tasks
  15. Listen to my body
  16. Avoid risky situations
  17. Practice mindful eating
  18. Quality over quantity
  19. Get a partner
  20. Reward myself
  21. Bring a backup snack
  22. Favor organic
  23. Eat real food
  24. Build a perfect plate
  25. Eat the right amount
  26. Eat colorful foods
  27. Reduce added sugar
  28. Be mindful of my appetite
  29. Eat enough fiber
  30. No empty carbs
  31. Not too much
  32. Learn & Research
These steps are more than needed. It might look overwhelming and hard, but don't worry. The app will coach you every step of the way!

If you will form even one small dietary change it will help you in weight management and improve health immensely in the long term.

Why changing eating habits is so hard?

Weight loss is a huge business. Chronic dieting that can lead to eating disorders are affecting millions of people. The psychology of eating is a complex issue because there are so many angles that influence our eating patterns.

First, you need to understand that there are no shortcuts, hacks, or silver bullets to weight loss. Our bodies work as they have functioned for thousands of years.

Almost all diets work if you follow them as advised, but the problem arises when they end. Therefore the only way to change eating habits permanently is to find the things and tasks that suit you. What do you like? What you are able to do long-term? What you love to eat that is healthy?

The effort to change eating patterns fails for the same reasons as any other habit change: Running out of self-discipline, forgetting, lack of support.

Below are some challenges you might face when you begin changing your diet.

Be aware of the feelings and thoughts, which are totally normal. You need to find a way to cope with these situations that suit you.

Successful weight management

How to lose weight? That is the trillion-dollar question.

You need to find out what works specifically for you. Developing smart mini-habits is the way to lose weight long term. The only thing that is certain is that when going too fast you probably fail. Getting hungry and moody makes the process really difficult.

Start slowly and let your body get used to the new eating pattern. After a month, your body has used to the change and you can introduce yet another small daily change to your life.

Another important notion is to be prepared. That is what psychologists and dietarians do: They coach the client to cope with challenging situations. Tough moments will come, so are you ready to handle those?

Put it into perspective. Long-term lifestyle changes mean that one setback does not break a habit. Still, try to find a way to cope with challenging situations.

Reasons to change a diet

Here are proven reasons to adopt the Mediterranean Diet. Making it a lifestyle has clearly many health benefits and not only losing weight.

When you get started with Mediterranean Diet, choose the reasons that really resonate with you. Remembering those will give you motivation in challenging situations. Find out the reasons that move you and it will help you tremendously moving towards your goal on a daily basis.
  • Significant reduction in overall mortality risk (9%) [57]

  • Significantly reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease (13%) [57]

  • Prevent chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease and cancer [57]

  • My diet becomes healthier and, therefore, my brain and whole body functions more optimally producing improved energy levels, memory, weight control, skin quality, mental health, and deeper sleep

  • Food is information. Nutrition affects gene expression (turning off or on genes), which lead to a disease or recovery [117]

  • Diet, bioactive components in foods, and lifestyle are important modifiers of cancer risk [s133]

  • Omega-3 fatty acids improve the gut microbiota, which affects depression, anxiety and skin quality [s134]

Make healthy eating habits stick

Generally, we should bind the new habit to an existing habit. Do it together with another already established daily routine.

When it comes to eating habits, there are exactly as many different diets as there are people on earth. We all have our own eating habits. Some better than others.

There are basically two questions when it comes to eating healthy:
  1. How we should eat?
  2. What we should eat?

The Habinator app will guide you on how to develop eating habits that are considered healthy ones and belong to every healthy diet.

The second important factor is best answered by Michael Pollan who compressed the scientific research into three short sentences: Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Generally eating quality real food is the key and if you do that you have done 80% correctly. Finding the optimal diet and eating habits that individually suit your body is not an easy task. The good news is that following a few basic rules is usually keep a normal body weight and get fit.

What routines would suit you?

App for long-term weight loss

Healthy nutrition is only one factor in successful weight management and overall in a healthy lifestyle. Life is so more than just the food we eat.

Mediterranean Diet is only one of the hundreds of habits that keep the body healthy. Avoiding excessive stress, getting enough sleep, staying physically active, and eating a balanced diet are all important factors, and all contribute to the energy levels that enable you to enjoy life. With the Habinator health app you can create a complete lifestyle medicine plan and begin developing habits that fit your needs and lifestyle.

Realize the big picture: A healthy lifestyle is about lasting change. Just like a successful weight loss is not a short-term diet. That is exactly the reason why most diets fail.

Situations change and our lives. Be aware that the app is used by professional coaches and everything in the app can be customized. Search for the goal: "Mediterranean Diet" and edit it to fit your needs.

Better health is about better daily choices combined with a long-term behavior change -- it's your daily habits.

Design your eating habits

Changing eating habits takes effort. Learning to make the right choices, losing weight without hunger, and still able to enjoy delicious food is not easy.

Here is a couple of suggestions where to begin. All of them have a huge influence in the long-term to our energy, self-esteem, mood, long-term health. and even skin quality.

  • Stay hydrated - Drink enough water daily.
  • Mindfull eating - Concentrate only on the eating process.
  • Stay active - Avoid sitting too long and take power breaks.

There are a lot ways to start making little changes to your life. Your job is to find the suitable ones that fit your busy life.

Learn how the Health Coach app works and get started! Here you can read what others are saying about the Habinator health app.

Usually, people are able to change their eating habits in a few months. Organizing your life to fit your desired lifestyle is the first step to living a happier and healthier life.
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