Digital Health Coach Platform accepted to Scaleway startup program

The Habinator Coaching Platform for Health Coaches was accepted to the Scaleway's Startup Program.

The Digital Health Coach app users by accelerating the app usage and registered Health Coaches to enjoy a more stable platform. Our downtime last year was almost 100%, but that does not mean we cannot get better. Every millisecond counts when it comes to creating a healthy habits. ?

We keep building the best behavioral change platform for people to develop healthy habits and reach health goals. Soon we will announce new features for the health coach platform that will help coaches to get more involved with the Habinator community and get more clients.

Our goal remains to be the best coaching platform for health coaches. If you want to be involved as a coach and develop the platform with us, feel free to register as a coach.

Get better daily.

Last updated on Fri, 9 Dec, 2022