Habinator listed as one of the best digital health coaching apps

Habinator Health Coach app was chosen to be one of the best health coach apps available in a review comparing health apps. We are on the mission to become the best behavioral change tool for people to change their habits and reach optimal health. Habinator app alone has been shown to motivate users to create healthy habits and the next step is to open the remote coaching platform for health and performance coaches. People working together with a human coach get all the benefits from the app and additionally the professional skills from their coach.

Previously we were praised in the Apple hunter episode 6 that tests different kinds of apps from the Apple store. The review included the Mini-Goals that help users gradually move towards their objectives and ultimately achieve their goals. The digital coaching platform offer coaches the possibility to create their own "goal template library" to assign goals to their coachees and add exercises as repeatable Mini-Goals. These two features together give coaches the possibility to create their coaching program once and offer the packet to their clients.

Best health digital coaching platform for remote coaching

We continue to develop both Health Coach app and the Digital Coaching Platform further, which will together produce the most advanced behavioral change platform. The coaching platform is free of charge at the moment for all health coaches. You can follow the development status and ask to join the platform.

The platform will follow also the principles of lifestyle medicine and positive psychology. It will be available for all coaches and health professionals that create a lifestyle change or aftercare plan for their clients. Creating a personalized plan and monitor the progress has never been easier.

Photo by note thanun on Unsplash.

Last updated on Mon, 12 Dec, 2022