The course of a challenge is as follows:


  • The founder of a group challenge creates a goal and starts the challenge.
  • The duration of the challenge is the overall duration of the goal, even if some days are excluded (a day off) from the goal. See: A day off.
  • A person can participate (accept) the challenge whenever they want.

Taking part in a challenge

  • Accepting a challenge the predefined goal by the founder will be created for you.
  • The first day, after accepting the challenge, is only counted if it's a "SUCCESSFUL" day.

The winner

  • The person with the most "SUCCESSFUL" days checked wins.
  • If two persons have an equal amount of "SUCCESSFUL" days, the person who has checked the most "KINDOF" days wins.

Calculation (statistics)

  • "SUCCESSFUL" days are counted even from the excluded days.
  • "KINDOF" days are counted to streaks.
  • Failed and unchecked days are counted as failures if the day is active in the challenge goal.


  • Progress is tracked exactly the same way as tracking any other goal in Habinator.
  • You can adjust the goal to your needs! Only the duration cannot be changed.


The idea of a challenge is to make progress together, but most importantly to have fun!