Daily progress

You will get a notification on "Day start", "Day end", or if you set daily extra reminders to a goal.

Day ed notification
Expanded Day end notification.

If you expand* the notification of "Day end" or "Extra reminder", you can check the day "Done", "Kind Of" or "Not Today" directly from the notification, so you don't even need to open the app. If you already marked the day from the app, you won't get the "Day end" notification.

* iOS - Hold/Long press the notification. Android - Click ^ or swipe down.



You can also always address the day by opening the app and click a day from the weekly or monthly calendar! The notifications are meant to make the process easier and faster.


Group messages

You will also get notifications from private groups, challenges, or 1-to-1 conversations on default. If you want to set notifications Off or On:

  1. Navigate to the "Community" tab
  2. Click the group/challenge
  3. Click the group info bar
  4. Set notifications On/Off