Shortly: YES!

Several professionals, experts, and academics from our core team have been involved in the process of creating Habinator. There are three wider themes from the science involved:

  1. Positive psychology
  2. Goal-setting and motivation research 
  3. General research articles (health, productivity, nutrition, lifestyle medicine etc.)

Positive psychology

The App is based on positive psychology which is getting popularity - because it works. As it's core it concentrates on human potential which Habinator is all about.


There are best practices like what usually works and what does not. There is plenty of research about goal-setting and some articles are listed in the research page to get you started to learn more.

Research articles

This is best seen when creating a goal in the app. When you define a goal, there is information listed with a reference to a research paper (study) that proves the information to be evidence-based. We do this mostly because there is a lot of false information available (especially on the Internet). We have gone through thousands of studies and chosen quality studies that give you the possibility to search further.

We have not listed every article as a reference in the app but tried to look where it might make sense to do that. E.g. When the subject might be controversial, the opinions about the subject are advancing fast, the consensus on the field is changing, or the study has good references to other studies. 

If there is a claim or phrase with a reference number in the app, it means that the study can be found on the Research and books page. The number references a study or several studies. We don't usually list individual studies (if they are not reliable and found to be common knowledge) and we prefer to use meta-analysis.* If the science fact is from a book, the study is listed on the Research and books page. In general, books are used in a broader sense, not as a single scientific fact.

Almost all books are based on science (they include references to studies). Shortly: Researchers are not marketing professionals. Promoting is not their job. :) That is why other people write books and describe the research the way "normal people" can actually understand the results. It's also not exactly the researchers' job to put the results into implementation which we are doing in Habinator. Some of the books were even written by people without any education and/or people who lived during a time where no research knowledge was publicly available. Still, they figured out how people succeed, make friends, motivate people, stay healthy, thrive, and quit addictions and it's no way less significant than scientific proof of it - on the contrary!

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* Every new, current, or old (scientific paradigms, facts, and methods do change!) scientific method or fact may or may NOT work for your benefit! Studies reflect how most people behave.